Vintage Paintball has built a presence in midwest paintball by investing in high-quality and varied playing fields as well as one-of-a-kind paintball marker customization at their retail store.

We created a new brand and website to engage both seasoned players and those new to paintball.

The original website was built on Wordpress so we worked with the existing structure and built a new theme around it. The result is an intuitive site that feels fresh and provides the necessary internal links in case a seasoned player ends up on a page that is meant for newbies or vice versa.

The new theme is fully responsive and looks beautiful on all screen sizes and devices. Custom contact forms were set up for specialized service requests, making the customer experience simple and straight-forward.

The online store utilizes WooCommerce for a friendly shopping experience that is familiar to most online shoppers.

The brand identity we developed is a simple design that features woodblock-style typography that evokes a sense of nostalgia and modernism. Symbols and patterns are derivatives of '50s era electronics.

The vision for the brand is to takeover a corner of the paintball market that remains untouched. Most paintball brands strive to convey a high-tech, sport-oriented nature. A paintball company with a name like 'Vintage' has a clear advantage to be claimed.

Players will recognize this as a brand that is aware of the experiential needs of modern consumers with a respect for the history of the sport of paintball.

*The new logo is yet to be utilized globally so the website features the current logo.

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