Q: How do you compete in a B2B market of giants?

A: Build a brand around core values that undermine the competition.

SilverStream Technologies, Inc. delivers hardware solutions to businesses, especially in the government realm. Their commitment to solid service as well as speedy results enables them to compete with much larger companies and gain loyal customers.

We developed the brand to amplify their strategy by reflecting the high-energy, tech nature of the business with the softer, customer service oriented structure that's unique to SSTi.

We also set them up with a website of a design calibre that their customers are unlikely to experience with any other supplier. Typical competitors had sites muddled with information and focused on online stores. They knew that their core client isn't interested in ordering online and prefers to talk to an expert who can put together the right solution for them. So, we created the site to be engaging, clean and concise in conveying their expertise while driving users to contact them directly.

B2B Technology

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