OPOS Tours & Travel

OPOS stands for "Our People, Our Story," signifying the indigenous culture that is waiting to be experienced. The founders of this unique tour company wanted me to create a logo, identity materials and website that begin to tell the story. I began as I do with every logo project: brainstorming and researching. I found that a single commonality between indigenous peoples was fire. This *sparked* my next phase, sketching.

After some review, simplification began. I put my focus on repurposed shapes from the glyphs in the fire-based sketches. This simplification resulted in the letters taking on human forms to symbolize the human-based nature of the OPOS indigenous experiences.

The colors of the brand come from natural pigments that have been used by indigenous peoples all over the world for centuries. It only made sense to accentuate these colors through the use of watercolor marks, giving a soft yet wild feel to the materials.

The icons for the brand were hand painted in ink and digitally mastered.

The brochure above is packed with information on tours but the website comes in to deliver more information in a dynamic way. The tour listings can offer links to information on indigenous locales, events and activities in the Knowledgebase, which is essentially a blog. The website provides tours by region, online booking and even assistance for travel necessities like accommodations, car rentals, and flights.

I developed the site on Craft, a content management system that offers flexibility and a clean user interface. This system will allow OPOS to have complete control over their site without touching any code.

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