Go With Friends Travel Planners

Go With Friends is your travel savvy friend that's ready to build you the perfect trip. A GWF specialty is arranging guided group trips in Europe, which is where the name 'Go With Friends' comes from. They use their travel planning, group leading and extraordinary travel experience to make sure every aspect of your trip is the way you want it. Skip the researching on lunch breaks and enjoy a guided or self-guided adventure that's crafted by experts.

GWF asked me to design a logo for them that conveys the idea of personalized travel and the character of a reputable travel resource without feeling like every decade-old travel agency out there. During my design process I looked at the contrast of 'friends' versus 'travel', as if it was 'comfort' versus 'adventure.' I exhausted tons of cliches for travel. In the end I got hooked on the idea of passport stamps.

Passport stamps, of which I have quite a few, are the type of thing you're strangely proud of. Case in point that I HAD to say I have 'quite a few.' I thought about how they represent the authority that you pass through to get where you're going. They represent where you've been. And if you're a travel geek they're like playing cards that you compare with your friends.

GWF is focused mainly on European travel, so I pulled some elements out of my stamp from Italy: the inbound arrow symbol and the 'I' for Italy. I then worked on a hand lettered script for the name. After finding a style that felt light and friendly I worked with Cristina Sturm, the founder of GWF, to personalize the lettering to her handwriting. Finally, the logo came together by pointing the 'F' tto the dot above the 'i' creating a symbol for destination travel.

Cristina recently reached out to say how well received the logo has been and to share the new Go With Friends website. She decided to use Squarespace to bootstrap the website herself. Although I would've loved to build GWF a beautiful custom website, I am always happy to see my branding work being utilized well.

Get inspired by some sample European tour itineraries here or learn more about Go With Friends Travel Planners here.

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