Air Assault Factory Paintball Team

Air Assault Factory (AAF) of Saint Paul, MN is going into the 2016 season in the Semi-Pro division for the first time. This step-up comes in their tenth season and an update to their web presence was in order.

Instead of starting with a turn-key, template solution like Wordpress, I developed the site on Craft, a content management system specializing in flexible, custom developed websites. By designing and developing the site from scratch I was able to match character and brand of the team and deliver a strong tool for promoting their team amongst players and sponsors alike.

AAF's Website

The Craft back-end allows them to easily update event results, roster changes, sponsors, and more.

As a factory team they also represent their home field, Air Assault Indoor Paintball. When I rebranded Air Assault in 2014 it was time to update the AAF logo as well.

Since the logo change I have also worked on projects for AAF to begin the transition to the new brand. The original AAF brand has a lot of history so the work is closely directed by the team's coach, Brent Kotchman, as well as Air Assault's Marketing Director, Walker Gautsche.

AAF is sponsored by the marker manufacturer Planet Eclipse so every new gun comes with a custom design, self titled the "Bomber Series." I had the honor of designing my first Bomber Series paintball gun this year (pictured above). You can view all the past Bomber Series guns here.

Check out the AAF website or visit the team's home field and play some paintball!

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