Lost Logos

Designing requires creativity and iteration, which means many ideas get stepped over in search of the next best. Part of the responsibility of being a client is choosing the solution that fits your needs best, and part of my responsibility as a designer is living with the loss of many hopeful ideas. Bear with me as I get emotional over some logos that could have been, but weren't.

Under Shirt Haven is a start-up that my friend and I worked on for a bit, until realizing that the concept itself may not have the steam we thought it had. This first logo built the initials U.S.H. subtly into the t-shirt icon (u: collar, s: outline). The second logo, below, was a fairly straight-forward approach to branding the company into the American-made goods market.

Lancer Group is a property management company based in Western Wisconsin. As an early client of mine, I worked with them on rebranding and redesigning advertising. When we began they weren't ready for a new logo but later on we decided to start looking into some options. While the process was fairly exciting, circumstances didn't allow for a new logo to be utilized. This logo mark was a favorite for interweaving 'L' and 'G' within the outline of a home, as well as illustrating the compartmentalization of the home into an apartment, and concealing an American Flag all at the same time.

Midwest Maintenance Solutions was a branding and web project I completed as the Lead Designer at Insty-Prints in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. I was very happy with the result of my work, but I couldn't get over the character of this lost logo option. The company repairs and maintains mining equipment so I illustrated a pile of sand with 'MWM' interwoven beneath it.

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