First Impressions are Key

The ultimate introduction of your business to a potential customer is your website. If you can make a good first impression you can get their attention and, maybe, their business. So before you put a lot of work into getting users to your website, be it by search engine optimization (SEO), ads, or social media, make sure your site is ready to impress. Here are some key items that a Missouri University of Science & Technology study found to be important in users' first impressions.


Users spent an average of 6.48 seconds focused on the website's logo before moving on. Logos are vital to making your business name memorable and can additionally provide a snapshot of what you do. Consider the strength of your logo before you invest time and energy into acquiring website visitors.

Main Menu

Users spent an average of 6.44 seconds focused on the website's main navigation, which is nearly as long as the logo. The main menu is important for providing quick navigation to content and actions that users are looking for. I have clients that integrated one button on their websites as a shortcut to book a reservation and that alone increased customer acquisition more than any cosmetic changes.

Main Image

Most websites typically feature an image or slideshow that gives a snapshot of services. Users focused on this area for an average of 5.94 seconds. Keep users on the page by displaying a visually interesting and engaging image that can draw them in to want to learn more. Remember that users develop an impression of a brand within two tenths of a second so the image shouldn't undercut the brand just for visual impact's sake.

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