5 Elements of a Great Logo

Next time you're looking for a new cafe or brewery to check out, try choosing one based on their logo. These 5 elements of great logos will help train your eye for design!

1. Readable

Functionality always comes first. If you have trouble reading the logo, you may need to ask yourself why are they hiding from their own name?

2. Memorable

Logos that provide the most value for a business are memorable because customers are much more likely to remember the business name if the logo is memorable. Memorability is a hard quality to craft, but common design techniques include adding humorous elements, imagery that relates to the product/service, or a clever combination of the name with a symbol.

3. Suitable

The suitability of a logo is easy to judge by your gut feeling. Does the logo style match the style of the business? Handmade products should be represented by logo with a hand crafted style, while tech products should be represented by a clean, digital style.

Vue Bar Shanghai Logo

The Vue Bar, atop the Hyatt in Shanghai, has a clean logo that is displayed beautifully illuminated on the cement wall, mimicking the luminous style of the bar.

4. Illustrative

A logo should illustrate what its company does. A great logo should illustrate it simply, and leave a little up to the viewer. Allowing the viewer just enough room to figure it out for themselves helps create a lasting connection with the mark.

5. Adaptive

Logos are everywhere. A great logo should be able to adapt to the medium it is being displayed on. Square logos look great on shirts, but often fill up too much space on a website. A common solution is to have logo variations with elements shifted around or removed. If a logo has it together, you can recognize it no matter where it is or how different it is from the original version.

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