Blogging: The Business of Captains Logs

Blogging is a common approach to growing a business' reach. We have some experience with it at Osegard Design Co and now offer content writing to our clients. 

The word 'blog' is slang for 'weblog' that has slowly forced us to forget it's true meaning. When we go back to 'web-log' it's much clearer that blogging is really just like a digital captain's log.

Traditional captain's logs were crucial to navigation because they needed to track their ships' movements closely in order to position themselves on a map. The purpose for a business to keep a blog becomes simpler through this lens–a blog positions a business for the reader.

A blog, like a captains log for all to see, shows the business' past destinations, capabilities and future destinations.

Even if you're not in the business of trans-Atlantic shipping, you should still be blogging. You can provide customers with a better idea of the range of your capabilities when you present your past endeavors in a meaningful way. You can even reach markets that you've never worked with by writing about how you would approach solving their problems.

Captain's logs may be less powerful in the shadow of GPS technology, but your readers will always be looking for information. You may be surprised how strongly blogging informs your business' destination.

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